Chris McCulloh, MD

General surgery resident. Pediatric surgery research fellow. Passionate about the intersection of technology and machine learning with healthcare. Person with a disability (spinal cord injury).

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Somewhere, I Have a Match

Medical education is a bit mysterious. Heck, it’s something I’d wanted to do since I was younger, but I had no idea exactly how it works until I started to go through the process myself. When I decided for sure in undergrad that I was going to apply to medical school, I learned what steps I needed to take to make that dream into reality. I discovered what pre-requisite courses I needed to take, how to go about getting recommendations from professors (not the easiest thing at a very large university, like the one I went to), what was on the MCAT, and how to go basically hang out in a hospital as a volunteer to demonstrate my dedication. I knew nothing about what happens after applying medical school because I didn’t need to.

I remember the moment at which I decided that surgery was about the coolest thing anybody could possibly do. It was at my best friend’s home in fifth grade...

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